Creating Killer Web Sites, Second Edition Review

Creating Killer Web Sites, Second Edition
by David Siegel
Hayden Books, Oct., 1997.
272 pp. ISBN: ISBN: 1568304331
Trade Paperback.
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David Siegel Creating Killer Websites gives an in-depth view of great web design and describes how to recognize and create great designs. In this expanded and updated second edition, David Siegel offers all kinds of advice which is presented in a friendly, upbeat fashion while offering plenty of visual pictures, graphics and samples. This show-you-how style, aided by well written descriptions and frequent HTML code examples makes it easy to pick up the tips and tricks used by the pros.

Learn what colors to use with text and images and how to effectively reduce the size of graphics so that your site loads faster. Learn what layouts work best on the Internet, the best way to present forms with examples from webpages, how to balance textual content with graphics and much more. Punched up with clever anecdotes, such as the history of browsers and the ending chapter which examines the future of HTML with a look at possible characteristics of 5.0 and 6.0 browsers, this book provides a great read and is an authoritative guide to improving HTML design.

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