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designing web graphics.3 by Lynda Weinman

New Riders, April 1999.
Trade Paperback, 445 pages.
ISBN: 1562059491
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Cover of designing web graphics.3
by Lynda Weinman This valuable reference helps web developers design graphics for use on the Internet. In addition to instruction on how to create web images, the book also provides advice on how to fit them into your webpages, and how to deal with bandwidth, different browser types and other complex issues. Coverage in the book includes: web authoring environments, file formats, low-bandwidth graphics, color calibration, browser-safe colors, HTML tags, background tiles, transparent artwork, rules, buttons, imagemaps, web typography, frames, cascading style sheets, scanning and GIF animations. To enhance the instruction, the book provides numerous full-color illustrations, screenshots, step-by-step examples and sample code. The reference also includes common HTML tags, web graphics resources and a glossary.

designing web graphics.3 is a highly informative visual and detailed guide to creating web graphics. Recommended for serious web designers and artists who want to learn the tricks and techniques for creating appealing web images.

Javascript 1.3 in 24 Hours by Michael Moncur

Sams, February 1999.
Trade Paperback, 364 pages.
ISBN: 067231407X
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Javascript 1.3 in 24 Hours
by Michael Moncur JavaScript is a valuable language for web programming that can be used to create dynamically generated web pages, verify web-based forms and run complex calculations. However, improper code can cause pages to load incorrectly or an error message to pop up on the browser window. JavaScript 1.3 in 24 Hours provides instruction about coding in JavaScript to help you avoid errors and learn which browser can perform different JavaScript functions. The book also provides numerous sample scripts and code. Coverage in the book includes: an introduction to JavaScript, basic coding principles, storing values, strings, arrays, comparing values, objects, loops, events, processing Forms, graphics, browser-specific scripts, style sheets and creating dynamic pages. The instruction in the book is enhanced with example code, screenshots, question and answer sections and quizzes.

JavaScript 1.3 is a valuable resource for beginning JavaScript programmers. Novice programmers who have become comfortable with HTML coding will want to obtain this reference and move to the next level.

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