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Illustrator 8 Magic by Raymond Pirouz.

New Riders, January 1999.
Trade Paperback, 275 pages.
ISBN: 1562059521
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Illustrator 8 Magic
by Raymond Pirouz This Illustrator 8 reference provides instruction on multiple ways to create appealing designs and graphics using the tools available on Illustrator. Graphic topics covered in the resource include: illustrator basics, overlapping objects, multiple objects, gradients, special effects, masks, line art, vector art, type effects, shadowing, creating custom shapes, maps and topography, translucency, creating logos and web-safe colors. Each featured technique provides color illustrations and step-by-step instruction making it easy to recreate the examples and develop similar graphics of your own. A companion website is also available with graphics, links and updates.

Illustrator 8 Magic is an effective introduction to this powerful graphics software, with full-color examples and easy-to-follow text. A solid visual reference, which is sure to help users get more out of their Illustrator 8 software.

Special Edition Using Unix 3rd Edition by Peter Kuo.

Que, November 1998.
Trade Paperback, 816 pages.
ISBN: 0789717476
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Cover of Using Unix 3rd Edition
by Peter Kuo This UNIX reference covers numerous topics for UNIX administrators for the major UNIX versions, including AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Linux, SVR3, SVR4, SVR5, UNIXWare, Sun Solaris and SunOS. Topics covered in the book include login and password, files and directories, the vi editor, permissions, shell programming, administrating user accounts and groups, device management, networking, IP addresses, IP routing, NFS, DNS and security issues. In addition to valuable instruction and code, the book includes useful features such as a list of bad passwords, a table of well-known port numbers and a glossary of UNIX terms. An enclosed CD-ROM includes UNIX administrative tools and shell scripts

Special Edition Using Unix 3rd Edition is an invaluable UNIX resource covering everything from common UNIX subjects such as files, user access and text editing and more demanding procedures including networking and setting up web servers. A must-have reference for UNIX administrators or webmasters using UNIX servers.

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