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How Networks Work by Frank J. Derfler, Jr. & Les Freed

Que, August 1998.
Trade Paperback, 212 pages.
ISBN: 0789715953
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Cover of How Networks Work
by Frank J. Derfler, Jr. & Les Freed It is difficult to find an office these days that isn't networked. However, not everyone has a solid understanding of how Networks work. This aide, by PC networking experts Frank J. Defler., Jr. and Les Freed provides insight on the subject through easy to understand explanations enhanced with rich diagrams and illustrations. The book begins with an introduction of communication by wire starting with the telegraph and concludes with instruction on Internet connections. Detailed diagrams provide a visual aide that enhances the instruction throughout the book. The reference covers all major Networking topics including: terminals, modems, ISDN lines, mixing computers and telephones, local area networks (LANs), network cards, network cabling, routers, ATM switches, servers, network security, packet-switching and Internet connections.

How Networks Work is an excellent reference for those first approaching the subject. The appealing full-color illustrations and easy-to-follow text help non-experts such as office managers understand the technical concepts behind Networks.

Netrepreneur by Joseph Lowery

Que, August 1998.
Trade Paperback, 424 pages.
ISBN: 1568304218
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Cover of Netrepreneur
by Joseph Lowery Setting up a home for a business on the Internet can be a difficult undertaking. The global nature of the Internet, the expense and the technological burden can be complicated issues for many companies. This book, designed to help a company transfer a business model to the Net, provides welcome advice that can be used by corporate executives to familiarize themselves with business practices on the Internet and learn important concepts and strategies. Concepts covered in the book include: advantages and disadvantages of being online, costs, research and development, managing business intelligence, distance learning, finding employees online, website marketing, online branding, sales force automation, e-commerce, multinational customer outreach and other Internet business topics. Throughout the text screenshots, outlines and definitions of Internet terms are provided. In addition to the comprehensive instruction, the book also provides examples of related case studies and links to appropriate online resources.

Netrepreneur is a welcomed resource on the Internet business world. Recommended for business executives and managers who want to learn how business and marketing concepts apply on the Internet.

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