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How the MAC Works by John Rizzo and K. Daniel Clark

Que, September 2000.
Trade Paperback, 244 pages.
ISBN: 0789724286
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How the MAC Works
by John Rizzo and K. Daniel Clark This is a great introduction to the inner workings of the Macintosh for anyone who owns a Mac. The book provides diagrams and illustrations with labels and instruction to teach Mac users more about their system. Coverage includes the Mac OS, memory, disk storage, USB, keyboards, SCSI, expansion slots, networking, printers, displays and many other hardware and software components. Each section provides visually pleasing color drawings, easy-to-follow descriptions and instruction, plus diagrams which explain each concept or hardware piece to the user. For example, the section on USB (Universal Serial Bus) contains illustrated diagrams with captions that show how the USB connects to the Mac, how each connection works and what it does. The section also explains what happens when you plug in a new USB device.

This very informative reference provides colorful pictures, a clear layout and well-written explanations which will help make Mac users feel more confident and better understand the system they rely on for their word processing, spreadsheets, web surfing, gaming and many other uses. The reference will also be especially valuable when it comes times to upgrade and the user would like to have more to help him through the process than just the confusing technical manual or worksheet that comes with the new software or hardware add-on.

SAMS Teach Yourself Allaire ColdFusion by Charles Mohnike

SAMS, August 2000.
Trade Paperback, 782 pages.
ISBN: 0672317966
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SAMS Teach Yourself Allaire ColdFusion
by Charles Mohnike ColdFusion is a powerful Web database and development tool that has become a popular choice for web developers. This reference helps introduce webmasters to ColdFusion and web database concepts. Aimed at beginners, the book begins with basic ColdFusion topics and covers database design, web forms, SQL queries and simple ColdFusion applications. More advanced ColdFusion programming concepts covered include updating databases, cookies, handling email with ColdFusion, client and session management, working with files, verity searches, e-commerce applications and debugging. In addition to instruction and sample code, the book also provides summaries, Q&A, exercises and short quizzes to test the reader's grasp of each concept. The appendix in the book provides a comprehensive 150+ page reference of ColdFusion tags.

Webmasters looking to develop a ColdFusion database for their websites will find this reference provides a solid introduction to ColdFusion and helps them learn the skills needed to provide a database that can be accessed and updated on the Web. Although this book is targeted at beginners, readers should already be familiar with HTML, and any previous experience with databases would also be helpful.

Special Edition Using XML by Lee Anne Phillips

Que, January 2000.
Trade Paperback, 880 pages.
ISBN: 0789719967
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Special Edition Using XML
by Lee Anne Phillips XML, a powerful web publishing tool, has become a major Internet buzzword and looks to be a development tool that is here to stay. It has been put to use by many large computer companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Sun Microsystems, and it has been incorporated into many Open Source projects. This reference provides thorough coverage of XML, from a basic introduction to more advanced subjects. Some of the many XML concepts covered include: DTDs, namespaces, XML schemas, SAX, cascading style sheets, Microsoft XML tools, COM, XHTML, XSL, RDF and integrating XML with other technologies including Java and ActiveX. The reference also covers security issues and the future of XML. The appendix provides reference sections, including a XML and XHTML technical reference and character sets, a CSS quick reference and a glossary. The accompanying CD-Rom includes additional references, code samples, freeware, shareware and demoware.

This book is not for beginners; users should have previous experience with web programming. However, the reference does provide an introduction and overview of XML and XML fundamentals. Using XML is a very valuable XML reference which contains detailed instruction and comprehensive reference sections, as well as introductions and explanations of new uses of XML and XML applications.

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