Brighter Than the Sun by Julia Quinn Review

Avon, Dec. 1997.
Paperback, 376 pages.
ISBN: 0380789345.
Ordering information:

Cover of Brighter Than the Sun
by Julia Quinn In 1817 England, Charles Wycombe, Earl of Billington is in desperate need of a bride before his upcoming 30th birthday, otherwise his very substantial inheritance will go to his detestable cousin. Deep in his cups to drown his sorrows he falls -- quite literally -- upon the solution to his problem. Miss Eleanor Lyndon needs a new home immediately. Her father the vicar's impending nuptials to the autocratic Mrs. Foxglove will make living at home a nightmare. Forced together by circumstances, Eleanor and Charles marry, each expecting a marriage of convenience. What they find, however, is an unanticipated passion and a web of intrigue as it appears someone is trying to murder Charles.

Brighter Than the Sun is a warm, witty and wonderful tale from talented author Julia Quinn. Her greatest skill is in the blending of humor with utterly captivating characters who brim with life. A fun and charming read.

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