Be Mine by Dana Regan Review

Be Mine
by Dana Regan (author/artist)
Harper Festival, Feb., 1998.
Board Book, 30 pages.
Ages 6 mos -2½.
ISBN: 0694011576.
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Cover of Be Mine by author/artist Dana Regan

Be Mine is a new musical board book. With just a punch of the button, an electronic rendition of the turn-of-the-century hit "Let me Call You Sweetheart" bursts forth. The text of the book is the lyrics to the song. Instead of the sweethearts in the romantic sense, though, we see a mom singing and playing with her baby. There are lots of hearts scattered around the pages for children to spot and lots of loving looks shared between Mom and Baby. As with all good lullabies, Baby ends up asleep tucked in his cozy bed with Mom gazing on as the last line proclaims, "I'm in love with you." It's a precious Valentine book, and it's fun to sing along with this enduring tune.

-- Nancy Littlejohn

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