A Secret Love by Stephanie Laurens Review

A Secret Love
by Stephanie Laurens
Avon, July 2000.
Paperback, 384 pages.
ISBN: 0380805707.
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A Secret Love
by Stephanie Laurens Lady Alathea Morwellan has a big problem. She has just discovered that her father was duped into a fraudulent scheme which could result in the loss of her family's home and fortune, if the crooks are not found in time. But the only man Alathea knows that is qualified to undertake such a discreet investigation is Rupert "Gabriel" Cynster, whom she has known for all her life. But Gabriel and Alathea fight like cats and dogs whenever they are in the same room with each other. So Alathea dresses as a veiled, mysterious countess and begs Gabriel's help. Intrigued, he agrees, in exchange for a kiss for each bit of information he brings her. The two are drawn to each other, and Alathea gives in to Gabriel's passionate kisses. But what is going to happen when he discovers that his new mistress is a respectable childhood friend whom he has vowed never to go near? After all, that might mean the despised Marriage Vows, something no Cynster male ever wants to take.

This is the fifth in Stephanie Laurens popular Bar Cynster series. Gabriel has always been known as the most hardened bachelor of the Cynster males, but this time he meets his downfall -- and it's immensely entertaining to watch. The story is a sensual one, and the plot works perfectly because of the fact that Gabriel and Alathea know each other so well (although Gabriel doesn't realize that for a while.) The Bar Cynster series is simply excellent, and Gabriel's story is no exception.

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