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Here are the latest posts about Sarah Palin on Writers Write:

  • Sarah Palin Takes on the War on Christmas in Next Book (2013-03-12): Broadside Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, announced that it will publish a new book by former Vice presidential candidate and bestselling author Sarah Palin.

  • SNL's Andy Samberg Does the Worst Sarah Palin Impersonation Ever (2012-03-12): You've been warned.

  • Levi Johnston to Tell Truth About Palins in Upcoming Book (2011-04-27): Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin's baby daddy, vows to set the record straight about his relationship with the Palins in his upcoming book, Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs.

  • Zondervan Publishing Sarah Palin Biography for Kids (2010-07-12): Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has another book coming out.

  • Sarah Palin to Publish Second Book (2010-05-13): Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is going to publish a second book.

  • Top Selling Hardcovers of 2009 (2010-03-22): Publishers Weekly has published a big list of the top selling books of 2009.

  • Sarah Palin Promises Less PC Tweets (2009-07-17): Sarah Palin is promising to fire off some less PC tweets on her Twitter account, @AKGovSarahPalin, once she has resigned as Alaska Governor.

  • Sarah Palin Lands a Book Deal With HarperCollins (2009-05-12): The Anchorage Daily News is reporting that Alaska Governor and former VP candidate Sarah Palin has signed a book deal with HarperCollins.

  • Turkeygate: Sarah Palin Gives Interview In Front of Turkey Slaughterhouse (2008-11-21): Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave an interview ysterday shortly after pardoning a turkey at a Wasilla turkey farm.

  • McCain Aides: Sarah Palin Did Not Know Africa Was a Continent, Not a Country (2008-11-05): The election is over and the blaming has started in full force in the McCain camp.

  • Elizabeth Vargas Asks Sarah Palin About 2012 (2008-10-29): Sarah Palin has a new interview with ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas that will air on Good Morning America Thursday and 20/20 on Friday.

  • McCain and Palin Appear Together in Pennsylvania (2008-10-28): The two mavericks John McCain and Sarah Palin appeared together in Pennsylvania in an attempt to battle ongoing accusations that there is a rift between the McCain and Palin camps.

  • Sarah Palin's Last Minute Strategy (2008-10-25): Politico reports that tensions between the Palin and McCain camps are rising during these final weeks of the campaign.

  • Hank Williams, Jr.'s Sarah Palin Song (2008-10-15): Sarah Palin has inspired Hank Williams, Jr.

  • Joe Biden and Sarah Palin on Dick Cheney (2008-10-04): Katie Couric recently quizzed the Vice Presidential candidates on what they think of current Vice President Dick Cheney.

  • Sarah Palin's Tanning Bed (2008-09-15): Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

  • Sarah Palin Biography Becomes Bestseller (2008-09-04): Sarah Palin was an unknown to the vast majority of American's before John McCain chose her as his running mate.

  • John McCain Under Fire Not Vetting Palin (2008-09-04): John McCain is under fire for not properly vetting Sarah Palin before picking her as his running mate.

  • Who Is Sarah Palin? (2008-09-02): Republicans and Democrats alike are still reeling from John McCain's shocking announcement Friday that he was choosing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate.