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Here are the latest posts about Ron Paul on Writers Write:

  • Bluewater Productions to Publish Ron Paul Comic Book (2012-01-07): Bluewater Productions has launched a Ron Paul comic.

  • Iowa Leader Ron Paul Under Assault From GOP Opponents (2011-12-28): Ron Paul continues to lead in Iowa polls just days ahead of the 2012 Iowa Caucus, on January 3rd.

  • McCain Stumbles at Republican Debate (2008-01-31): The Republicans held their last debate before Super Tuesday last night at the Reagan Library in California.

  • Ron Paul Rakes in Cash Online (2007-11-06): Reuters reports that GOP candidate Ron Paul has raised over $4 million in a 24-hour period.

  • GOP Candidate Ron Paul Finds Impressive Online Support (2007-07-17): GOP candidate Ron Paul has amassed a large number of web savvy supporters.

  • Social Media Aids GOP Candidate Ron Paul (2007-07-10): The Washington Post ran an article last month about how GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul has become a big name on the web thanks to social media sites like Digg and video sharing websites like YouTube.