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Here are the latest posts about Overdrive on Writers Write:

  • OverDrive Dumps WMA, Announces all Audiobooks Sold to Libraries Will be in MP3 Format (2014-01-26): OverDrive announced that in response to consumer preferences, audiobooks will be sold to libraries in DRM-free MP3 format only. OverDrive is dumping Microsoft's WMA format.

  • Simon and Schuster Expands Ebook Presence in U.S. Libraries With Full Catalog (2014-01-19): Simon and Schuster took the plunge and is putting its entire catalog of ebooks available for libraries who are signed up with the OverDrive service.

  • OverDrive and Fictionwise Target Library Market (2003-01-24): OverDrive, Inc.

  • OverDrive Launches Ebook Search Tool (2002-08-16): OverDrive, Inc.

  • OverDrive Adds PDF Support And MightyWords Content (2001-10-10): OverDrive, Inc.

  • OverDrive Launches Content Reserve (2001-04-11): OverDrive, Inc.

  • OverDrive Releases eBook Authoring Tool For Microsoft Reader (2000-08-15): OverDrive, Inc.