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  • A Conversation With Michael Wolff - Michael Wolff discusses his book, Burn Rate, about early Internet start-ups.
  • Burn Rate review - read our review of Wolff's insider account of Internet start-ups and venture capital financing.

  • Michael Wolff Makes Forbes 2018 List of World's Highest Paid Authors (2018-12-16): James Patterson, J.K. Rowling and Stephen King are the top earning authors in the world 2018 according to Forbes. Michael Wolff is also on this year's list.

  • Henry Holt Rushes Fire and Fury Into Bookstores After Trump Legal Threat (2018-01-04): Henry Holt is expediting publication of Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff after Trump's cease and desist legal threat.

  • Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury Divides Trump and Bannon Supporters (2018-01-04): Michael Wolff's new book, Fire and Fury, is full of explosive comments from White House insiders. It has already topped the Amazon bestseller list.

  • Judith Regan vs. Michael Wolff (2008-12-15): Judith Regan has absolutely furious at journalist and author Michael Wolff.

  • Michael Wolff Says Murdoch Sees Media World as Newspaper War (2008-12-01): Jon Friedman from Marketwatch talks with Michael Wolff about the movement of news to the Internet and about media mogul Ropert Murdoch.

  • Rupert Murdoch Furious at First Draft of Wolff's Bio (2008-10-27): Rupert Murdoch is reportedly quite unhappy with the first draft of Michael Wolff's new book about him.