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Here are the latest posts about Comments on Writers Write:

  • Google+ to Power YouTube Comments (2013-09-25): YouTube has announced that it is upgrading the comment system on YouTube. The comment will be pwoered by the Google+ service starting this week to allow threaded discussion.

  • Study Finds Companies Firing Employees for Leaving Blog and Forum Comments (2007-07-20): Wired's Threat Level blog cites an interesting study that found that nearly 10% of companies have fired at least one employee for leaving comments on a message board or a blog.

  • No Love For NoFollow? (2007-02-16): Wikipedia recently added no follow tags in a lame spam fighting attempt that has not gone over well.

  • Feedback Through a Fire House (2007-02-14): David Carr, a New York Times journalist who also blogs the Times' Carpetbagger blog, has written an interesting essay about blogs and journalism called 24-Hour Newspaper People.

  • A Journalist Who Doesn't Care About Reader Feedback (2007-01-14): Not all journalists are embracing the idea of interactivity.

  • A Blog Without MyBlogLog is Still a Blog (2007-01-02): Dave Winer has posted a response to the ongoing blog comments argument.

  • The Official Google Blog is a Blog Despite Lacking Comments (2007-01-01): Here we go starting the new year with a topic we have seen many times before.

  • Seth Godin on Blog Comments (2006-06-04): Seth Godin is in the spotlight this weekend.

  • Filtering Tools Helping to Control Blog Comment Spam (2006-04-12): CNET has an interesting article about the comment spam situation.

  • New Jersey Bill Would Stop Anonymous Blog Comments and Forums (2006-03-07): A new New Jersey bill seeks to stop anonymous posts on blogs and forums.

  • A Blog Without Comments is Still a Blog (2006-02-18): Russell Beattie recently removed comments from his blog.

  • Using Blog Search Engines Instead of Comments (2005-12-13): Dave Winer at Scripting News has added a green Technorati icon that points to Technorati's list of inbound links to his blog.

  • Engadget Temporarily Turns Off Comments (2005-06-25): Engadget, a popular gadget blog, has temporarily switched off comments because they are overwhelmed with comment spam and trolls.

  • Blogs Don't Need Comments (2005-05-17): The debate over whether or not blogs need features like comments or trackbacks has been going on for a while and is unlikely to end soon.

  • Do Blogs Need Comments? (2005-04-30): Do blogs need comments? Some blogs have them and some do not.

  • Blogging Growing Fast in Japan (2005-04-20): The Blog Herald reports that a Netratings Japan study has found 1 million blogs in Japan.

  • Rosie O'Donnell Removes Blog Comments (2005-04-03): Rosie O'Donnell has removed comments from her blog.