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The Internet has made finding the lyrics to songs very easy. There are multiple resources that will help you find them and search engines dedicated to lyrics. Here some resources to help you.

Genius bills itself as the world's biggest collection of song lyrics. If you type a word or phrase into the search box it will return song titles and lyric matches. For example, if you type in "Heathens," it will return the lyrics for the song "Heathens" from Twenty One Pilots. Genius is also a community that lets users expand its database by adding songs, annotations and other data.

LyricsFreak lets you search by artist or song title. You can also use the alphabetical bar to browse artists. For example, you can find the lyrics for Eminem's "Rap God" by searching rap god or Eminem and then selecting "Rap God" from his long list of song titles. is another popular lyrics database. You can search in lyrics, artists and albums. If you enter a keyword it will tell you how many matching lyrics, artists and album there are. It also gives you the result below with sample lyrics that contain your keyword. You can also search by song genres and styles.

AZLyrics is another lyrics database with a large collection of lyrics. It returns album and song results when you search a keyword. For example, if you search for "hello" you will get "Hello" by Adele and "Hello" by Lionel Richie as the first two results. Evanescene and Beyonce also have "Hello" songs you will discover with this search. Clicking on the song links takes you to the lyric page.

MetroLyrics is another lyrics search tool. It also has tabs for "Top 100," videos, features and artists. If you search for "Photograph" you will get links to the lyrics from "Photograph" songs by Ed Sheeran, Nickelback, Rihanna and more. It will also return portions of lyrics from songs, albums and videos.

MLDb has lyrics to over 236,000 songs. You can search the lyrics of songs or artists and song titles. For example if enter "Where troubles melt like lemon drops" and use the fulltext search option you will see results for "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," the song that contains those lyrics.

Lyrics on Demand is another big lyric database site. It also has genre tabs. If you want the lyrics to Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" just type in the song title or artist name and can quickly get the lyrics.

The resources described above should be a great help when you are trying to find song lyrics. Some of the rhyming tools will also pull up song lyrics. You can also sometimes find lyrics underneath the music videos on YouTube or in the lyric video for the song.

You might also be interested in our collection of lyrics generator tools.

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