The Grotto

by Evelyn Rogers

Love Spell, May, 2002.
Paperback, 384 pages.
ISBN: 0505524791
Subgenre: Gothic

The Grotto by Evelyn Rogers Gothic Romance is back -- and better than ever with this new entry from bestseller Evelyn Rogers. In Tuscany, the beautiful American widow of the cruel Conte Pietro Donati returns to the family estate to salvage what she can of the fortune that was squandered by her late husband. The Conte had deserted the Villa Falcone years ago, leaving the townspeople who depended on the Villa without a way to feed themselves. Naturally, they are quite hostile to the widowed Caterina. Nevertheless, Caterina is determined to make the Villa shine again, to resurrect the once-lush vineyards and olive trees which filled the area. But her attorney seems determined that she sell the property. And the villagers all think the Villa Falcone is cursed. When a dark, handsome stranger shows up to help with the restoration, Caterina is intrigued. But Roberto Vela seems to have his own agenda -- and it may not include Caterina's happiness at all.

Dorchester Publishing's new gothic romance imprint, Candleglow, is off to fantastic start with Evelyn Roger's Devil in the Dark, and The Grotto. All of the elements of a traditional gothic are here: the determined heroine, the brooding hero, the threatening and passionate atmosphere. But Ms. Rogers has taken these elements and given them a fresh, modern feel that shows that gothics do have a place in the new millennium. Roberto Vela, the hero, is mysterious, but just enough of his compassion and humor shine through to illustrate what kind of man he really is -- although his identity is kept a secret for most of the book. The Gothic romance is worth rediscovering, and Evelyn Rogers is just the author to take you on your escape into dark fantasy.

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