by Sara Douglass

Tor, May, 2002.
Hardcover, 559 pages.
ISBN: 0312878885

Starman by Sara Douglass In this third entry in the six-part Wayfarer Redemption series, Axis SunSoar (the Starman) struggles to fulfill the prophecy of WolfStar, the great patriarch of the Icarii people. Axis must defeat his evil half-brother Gorgrael (the Destroyer), but his resources are depleted from previous battles. Relying heavily on the two women who love him, Faraday (his first love), and his wife Azhure, Axis has a terrible struggle ahead of him. Gorgrael has created a terrible race called the Gryphons, which unchecked could destroy the entire earth. And the magic and skills of Axis, Azhure and Faraday may not be enough to save the world that they love. And, according to the Prophecy, in order to save the Earth, Axis must ignore the pain of his beloved. But which beloved does the prophecy refer to, and will he be strong enough to turn his back on her suffering at the right time?

Starman picks up where the first two books in this series, The Wayfarer Redemption and Enchanter, left off. In Starman, many questions are answered about the characters' motivations and several storylines are neatly tied up. But, luckily for Sara Douglass fans, enough loose ends remain to lay the groundwork for sequels. Douglass, a fixture on the Australian bestseller lists, is known for her exotic worlds, complex plots and characters, and an emotional depth to her characters. American audiences are just beginning to appreciate Sara Douglass and her readership is sure to grow over time.

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