Flash Web Design: The v5 Remix

by Hillman Curtis

New Riders, February 2001.
Trade Paperback, 256 pages.
ISBN: 0735710988

Flash Web Design: The v5 Remix by Hillman Curtis Award-winning designer Hillman Curtis has updated his previous, popular Flash design book ( Flash Web Design) in this new edition. The new book provides more Flash design style tips and instruction, including coverage of Flash 5. The v5 remix analyzes nine Flash design projects including construction of a 3D wireframe, a rich media ad under 20k, vectorized video and the Macromedia Shockzone animation (a Flash animation which run for more than 2 years on the Macromedia website). Hillman Curtis is the principal and creative director of hillmancurtis, inc. a creative design firm in New York. His company's client roster includes Intel, Iomega, 3Com, Hewlett Packard, Macromedia, WebTV, Sun Microsystems and others. Hillman is a passionate designer at heart, and the focus of his book is in developing cutting-edge and appealing Flash animation. The step-by-step illustrations and instruction displayed in the book are be extremely helpful for readers eager to learn how Hillman and his staff are able to accomplish their innovative Flash designs. Highly recommended for designers looking for ways to effectively use Flash technology.

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This review was published in the June, 2001 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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