Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content

by Biz Stone

New Riders, September, 2002.
Trade Paperback, 309 pages.
ISBN: 0735712999

Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content by Biz Stone Blogging is a web publishing format that makes it easy for website owners to keep readers up-to-date on a topic or subject using short journal-style entries. Blogs can be updated easily using an online form, without having to use an FTP client or an HTML editor. Blogs have become so popular over the past couple years that there are now hundreds of thousands of weblogs online. In this book, author Biz Stone gives an overview of Blogging and teaches readers how to create their own blogs. He offers advice on how to select blogging software or a blog hosting provider, tips for making your blog popular, blog syndication, HTML basics, theories on where blogging is headed and links to additional blogging resources.

Writer and designer Biz Stone is the former creative director of the popular weblog community and a certifiable blog expert. Biz Stone also runs his own blog at When he's not blogging, Biz writes articles about web development for various print and online publications, including New Architect, Digital Web Magazine, Creative Pro and others. Biz Stone also claims to be a genius, but don't let that shy you away from his blogging book. His instruction is clear and easy-to-follow and beginners will be creating their own blogs in no time. Blogging: Genius Strategies is a great introduction for anyone curious about blogging or interested in starting his own blog.

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