Above the Veil (The Seventh Tower, #4)

by Garth Nix

Scholastic, April, 2001.
Trade paperback, 248 pages.
ISBN: 0439176859
Ages 9-12

Above the Veil (The Seventh Tower, #4) by Garth Nix In this fourth installment of the popular Seventh Tower series, Tal and Milla continue their quest to find out the truth about the Castle, its inhabitants and their real relationship with the spirit world of Aenir. Having escaped from the evil Sushin, Tal and Milla head deep into the castle, which is populated by the Underfolk -- the servants to the Chosen. There they are joined by Crow, one of the rebel Underfolk. Crow can help lead them to the top of the Towers in order to find the Keeper of the Red Keystone who can tell them how to free Tal's father. Milla and Tal part ways -- Milla heads back to the ice to find the Crones, leaving Tal behind to find a way into Aenir to warn the Empress of the conspiracy that threatens the Castle, and the entire world.

In Above the Veil, we see the partnership of Tal and Milla split up, just when they had started to find some mutual respect in spite of their cultural differences. The scenes where Crow and Tal climb above the veil of darkness to rescue the Keeper of the Red Keystone are absolutely riveting, as are the ensuing action scenes. Things look grim indeed for the Castle inhabitants in Book 4, and readers will be on the edge of their seats waiting for Book 5, Into Battle. This is a fantastic series which just gets better and better with each book.

--Claire E. White

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