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Poetry Literature Resources

English Server
The EServer (based in the English Department at Carnegie Mellon University) has published writings and artwork to online readers since 1990. The comprehensive literature resource contains over 20,000 manuscripts that are viewable with a browser. The database can be searched by keyword or browsed from a variety of topics including poetry.

An Online Library of Literature
The Online Library of Literature contains electronic manuscripts of classic works by Emily Bronte, Voltaire, Jack London, Mary Shelley and others.

Amazon.com's Poetry Section
Amazon.com's Poetry Section contains both classic literature as well as today's poetry and prose. Numerous categories are available including American, French, Humorous Verse, Limericks, Love Poems, Russian and Spanish.

Atlantic Monthly Poetry Pages
The Atlantic Monthly has been highly respected for poetry since the magazine first began publishing. This specialty section of the online version of the magazine includes articles about poetry, selected poems and a popular discussion forum.

Internet Classics Archives
This collection of classic works converted to web-form contains over 400 manuscripts. The archives consist mainly of Greco-Roman works (some Chinese and Persian). All manuscripts in the Archives have been translated into English.

John Labovitz's E-Zine-List of Poetry Publications
John Labovitz's E-Zine-List, an online directory of electronic publications, contains over 350 poetry ezines. The listings include a description of the publication, a link to the ezine, contact information and submission guidelines.

Reader's Catalogue
The Reader's Catalogue is a monthly magazine about new books and includes critical reviews, excerpts and articles. The Catalogue can be referenced by subject, including poetry, so poetry lovers can keep up-to-date on the latest poetry book releases.

Excite's Poetry Links
Excite's collection of poetry links includes scores of online publications which publish poetry on a regular basis. Also included are poetry resources and online poetry forums.

Writer's Almanac, The
The Writer's Almanac is a daily program of poetry and history hosted by Garrison Keillor on public radio stations throughout the country. The site includes the daily poems and historical references from the show and an archives section containing poetry from previous shows.

The Literary Arts WebRing
This elite WebRing contains only high-quality literary publications including The Boston Reviews, The Mississippi Review, The Missouri Review, Oyster Boy Review, Ploughshares, Poetry Cafe, Web Del Sol and others. A search can be run that will include all the publication in the WebRing.

regularly updated set of links to all things literary on the web. Find hundreds of presses, journals, organizations, online journals and other recommended sites here.

Library of Congress Poetry and Literature Center
In addition to supporting the Poet Laureate?s activities and interests, the Center sponsors an annual series of public poetry and fiction readings, lectures, symposia, occasional dramatic performances, and other literary events.


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