October 1997 Issue

The Internet Writing Journal
ISSN No. 1095-3973
Volume 1, Issue 3.

In This Issue:

Interview With Peter Lance
Too hot to handle! Emmy award-winning former ABC investigative reporter Peter Lance talks to us about the remarkable success of his first novel First Degree Burn, his promotion campaign which landed him on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, and talks about the creative process he uses to create an action-packed mystery thriller.

Interview with Skip Press
How do you learn to write a screenplay? How do you get an agent? Sit in on our chat with Skip Press, author of A Writer's Guide to Hollywood Agents, Directors and Screenwriter's Agents as he gives away the secrets that made him a successful author, screenwriter and educator.

Interview With Melisa Michaels
Tired of cute, kindly elves in your fantasy novels? Come visit with popular sci-fi and fantasy novelist Melisa Michaels, creator of Cold Iron, an urban fantasy/mystery whose Elven rock stars are anything but cute and kindly. We talked with Melisa about writing sci-fi and fantasy novels, about advice for beginning novelists and her work as the Webmaster for the SFWA.

When a Man Writes From a Woman's Viewpoint
Popular novelist and acclaimed teacher of the Writing the Novel course Lary Crews gives tips and tricks for male authors attempting to write from a female standpoint.

Essay Writing: Overcoming a Student's Nightmare
Does the idea of writing an essay term paper terrify you? Help is on the way from writer and consultant Sharon Boddy! Sharon Boddy gives a fool-proof outline for writing essays and term papers. See how her techniques can work for you.

Effective use of Timelines in Nonfiction Articles
Freelance writer James M. Powles shows how to create an effective timeline for use in non-fiction articles.

Book Reviews
This month's book reviews include First Degree Burn, Getting Hooked and the 1998 Writer's Market.

This Month's Inside Look...
Our "Inside Look..." feature showcases a different online publication each issue. This month's Inside Look focuses on Mind's Eye Fiction, an innovative professional fiction site that is making waves in the online world. Editor Ken Jenks shares his secrets for this new way for authors to make money on the Internet.

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