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The service writer is typically employed by the automotive or agricultural industry. The job duties include the writing of customer repair orders for cars, trucks, tractors, etc. and communicating repair needs, repair time and the cost of repairs between customers and mechanics. The following resources will help you learn more about the service writer career.

AGCareers Service Writer
Service writers are also employed in the agriculture industry. This listing describe this time of career, including responsibilities and requirements.

Automobile Service Writer Salary
This resource from PayScale describes the average pay for an Automobile Service Writer.

Automotive Service Writer Description
This page on Monster has a description of an automotive service writer with a list of job duties and responsibilities.

Essential Characteristics of a Great Service Writer
This article from IDS describes three essential characteristics of a great service writer.

iATN International Automotive Technicians Network
iATN is a global network of automotive repair professionals.

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
ASE is a non-profit organization that provides testing and certification of automotive service professionals.

Service Writer in Automotive Repair
This article from Career Trend describes the service writer career.

Service Writer Jobs and Schools
This page provides information about service writer careers, educational courses and more.

What is a Service Writer
An article describing the type of work service writers do and the qualifications they need.