Moon Called

by Patricia Briggs

Ace, January, 2006.
Paperback, 440 pages.
ISBN: 0441013813
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Moon Called by Patricia Briggs Mercedes Thompson is one of the Otherworld: a group of shapeshifters, shamans and vampires who exist side by side with the normal world, but who try to avoid detection. As modern technology advances, it's becoming harder and harder for these paranormal citizens to hide. Mercedes (Mercy to her friends) is a shaman and coyote shapeshifter who makes her living as a car mechanic. She gets along with the local werewolf pack and she works on the ailing VW bush of Stefan, a local vampire. When the alpha of the local werewolf is attacked and nearly killed, Mercy becomes involved in a inter-pack and inter-species struggle over whether to "come out" as paranormals to the rest of normal society. It's a question fraught with danger for the paranormals who would rather live in the shadows than end up in a government lab being experimented on. Intrigue, magic, fast action and a likeable heroine make this a compulsively readable new entry in the growing urban fantasy genre.

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