Books Now Outnumber Games in the iTunes App Store

Posted on March 10, 2010

iTunes App DataApple's iTunes App store is a growing source for content. People download a wide variety of apps from navigation tools to shopping aids, but they also buy games and books on iTunes. Mobclix reports that the number of book apps on iTunes now outnumbers the number of games. You can see the latest chart here, which shows there are nearly 27,000 book apps on iTunes.

Penguin's digital publisher, Jeremy Ettinghausen, told the Guardian that most of the books listed on iTunes are free downloads. Ettinghausen also says "it's very easy to produce books for the iPhone" which helps explain why books outnumber games on iTunes.

Apple is hoping that when the iPad goes on sale on April 3rd more people will start buying books from

Image: Mobclix
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