Ebook Groups and Organizations

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AEP (Association of Electronic Publishers) is a self-policing organization whose members assure a certain standard is maintained within epublishing; that authors can confidently submit with the knowledge that a member of AEP is a trustworthy publisher, and customers have the peace of mind that an AEP member will not "run with the money" when buying goods from them.

EBX Working Group
An organization of companies, organizations, and individuals developing a standard for protecting copyright in electronic books and for distributing electronic books among publishers, distributors, retailers, libraries, and consumers.

Electronic Book Evaluation Project
A project evaluating electronic book technology for potential use in libraries.

Electronic Book Newsstand Association (EBNA)
EBNA was created to raise publishers' and consumer awareness of e-reader devices as platforms for distributing news and information. The organization also plans to facilitate the flow of such content, provide technical research, advice and insights, and represent periodical publishers in the Ebook, PDA and E-Paper industries.

Electronic Literature Organization
The goal of The Electronic Literature Organization is to facilitate and promote the writing, publishing, and reading of literature in electronic media.

The Electronically Published Professionals (EPPRO)
EPPRO was formed to provide a venue for e-authors, epublishers, and their affiliates, to come together to share experiences, discuss technologies and flesh out a future for this innovative industry.

Frankfurt Ebook Award
The Frankfurt eBook Award was created by the International eBook Award Foundation to promote an increasing awareness of the vast potential and opportunity represented by eBooks.

Open Ebook Forum
The purpose of the Open eBook Forum (OEBF) is to create and maintain standards and promote the successful adoption of electronic books. Members include hardware manufacturers, software companies, author and publishers.

oss4lib: Open Source Systems for Libraries
oss4lib's mission is to cultivate the collaborative power of open source software engineering to build better and free systems for use in libraries.

TeleRead is a nonpartisan plan to get electronic books into American homes--through a national digital library and small, sharp-screened computers.

Xplor International is a worldwide association representing more than 5,000 members at more than 2,000 companies that develop and use the technology of the US $125-billion document systems industry.


The Cooperative Resources for Electronic Author Members is a loosely formed organization of authors whose books/reading materials appear in electronic bindings.

eBooks Plus Web Ring
A webring for ebook authors and publishers.

Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC)
The Electronically Published Internet Connection is a professional organization of published authors, established to provide a strong voice for electronic publishing.

EPIC Webring
The EPIC WebRing is a Web Ring linking home pages of members of EPIC.

Yahoo E Writers
A a *collaborative* group of professional writers and publishers with business interests in e-commerce and electronic publishing.