You Never Can Tell

by Kathleen Eagle

William Morrow, August, 2001.
Hardcover, 305 pages.
ISBN: 0380978164
Subgenre: Contemporary

You Never Can Tell by Kathleen Eagle Kole Kills Crow is a hero of the Native American movement, but he is now a fugitive from justice. Kile escaped from prison where he was serving time on a murder charge which stemmed from a protest which went horribly wrong. Living in a remote cabin, he lives a solitary life until he is tracked down by journalist Heather Reardon. Heather has always admired Kole, and is determined to write his story. Heather finds Kole in a ramshackle bar, and asks him to dance. The handsome Kole is obviously a dangerous man, and he is wary of a reporter digging into his past. But the two find some common ground as they find themselves falling in love. Kole and Heather set out to Los Angeles with a small group of Native American supporters, determined to set the record straight once and for all -- and to address some important political issues about the treatment of Native Americans in this country.

Kathleen Eagle presents us with a moving and heartfelt story which also addresses some interesting political issues. Eagle knows her stuff, and her portrayal of the Native American culture and customs is fascinating. Kole and Heather have an immediate chemistry and their war of words on the path to true love is most entertaining.

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