XML and Java from Scratch

by Nicholas Chase

Que, March, 2001.
Trade Paperback, 486 pages.
ISBN: 0789724766

XML and Java from Scratch by Nicholas Chase XML and Java are buzz words in the industry -- but they are also useful web publishing tools that developers need to be familiar with. The book jumps straight into the instruction, coding and examples as it follows the construction of a website and applications for ChaseWeb Furniture, a fictional catalog furniture company. As the applications and website are developed, the reader is taught programming and development skills. Concepts and methods introduced to the reader include style sheets, XSL, data structure, XML schema, XSL processors, JDOM, DOM, XQL, SQL databases, SAX and SOAP. XML and Java from Scratch is targeted at beginners but prior programming experience and familiarity with web publishing would help readers understand the material more quickly. The book uses a unique and useful approach that can help programmers develop XML and Java skills, while learning how to build an actual website with functional ecommerce applications.

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This review was published in the April, 2001 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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