by G.P. Taylor

Putnam, September, 2004.
Hardcover, 259 pages.
ISBN: 0399242570

Wormwood by G.P. Taylor In 1756 London, panic descends on the streets as the world somehow stops spinning correctly on its axis and a comet called Wormwood streaks towards the earth. Doctor Sabian Blake came into possession of a mysterious book called Nemorensis, which foretells that the comet will bring death and destruction. Abram Richards (the archangel Raphael who helped Thomas and Kate in Shadowmancer) appears on the scene and tells Sabian that he is Sabian's angel. Sabian's 14 year-old maid, Agetta, who has a bit of a problem with stealing, finds out that her father is keeping a fallen angel captive in the attic of his pub. Agetta meets Lady Flamberg, a very strange woman who is more than she appears to be. It will all come down to Agetta: after she steals the Nemorensis, who will she deliver it to -- the angel or the woman? Her decisions could decide the fate of the world.

This sequel to Shadowmancer is marketed as a young adult title, but the adult themes, theological exposition, and complicated plot really should place this title firmly in the adult fantasy section of the bookstore. G.P. Taylor presents us with an unusual and interesting cast of characters, and the charismatic Raphael is much more in evidence in this book than he was in Shadowmancer. Taylor's dark, sometimes caustic humor is much in evidence. Darkly atmospheric, at times quite violent, other times a bit too talky, with more than a touch of fascinating horror, Wormwood will thrill fans of Shadowmancer.

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