Wicked Cool Shell Scripts

by Dave Taylor

No Starch Press, January, 2004.
Trade Paperback, 341 pages.
ISBN: 1593270127

Wicked Cool Shell Scripts by Dave Taylor This book contains 101 customizable shell scripts, written in Bourne Shell (sh), that can be used with Linux, Mac OS X and Unix systems. Some of the shell programs include a spell checker, disk backup utility, weblog analysis tool, weather tracker, hangman and other games and scripts for scraping information from websites for information like movies times, weather or stock quotes. Author Dave Taylor, who also wrote Teach Yourself UNIX in 24 Hours, does a top-notch job of providing functional shell scripts, backed up with easy-to-follow explanations and ideas for modifying the scripts. This book will be useful for any professional administrator or web developer. Geeks running a website for fun or a running a home network as a hobby will enjoy the book as well.

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This review was published in the March-April, 2004 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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