by C. J. Barry

Love Spell, May, 2003.
Paperback, 302 pages.
ISBN: 0505525402
Subgenre: Futuristic

Unearthed by C. J. Barry First time author C. J. Barry hits just the right note of fun, adventure and romance in this funny and entertaining futuristic romance. Songwriter/singer Tess MacKenzie is poised for the biggest break of her life, when she's almost mugged on her way home from work. Her luck seems to be turning when she escapes the mugger and meets a tall, dark and handsome stranger named Cohl Travers who seems very nice. Of course, it turns out that Cohl is an alien who immediately abducts her. Cohl asks Tess to help him save his father's life. It seems that in all the galaxy, only Tess has the voice that can unlock the key to a special amulet that Cohl's father's abductors are demanding. Naturally, Tess is not happy about being kidnapped, but she is moved by the plight of Cohl's family. But Cohl hasn't been totally upfront with Tess about how dangerous this mission really is.

Unearthed is a fast-paced futuristic adventure story, set against a fantastic backdrop of unusual planets and aliens, both friendly and hostile. C. J. Barry does a good job of making her backgrounds vivid and exciting, and Cohl and Tess are both appealing. Tess, the self-deprecating, wise-cracking songstress just looking for her big break is especially well-written, making this a very entertaining romance.

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