The Writer's Handbook 2003

by Elfrieda Abbe (editor)

The Writer Books, September, 2002.
Trade Paperback, 1054 pages.
ISBN: 0871161966

The Writer's Handbook 2003 by Elfrieda Abbe (editor) The Writer's Handbook is an annual guide for writers which is packed with practical advice and places to submit your writing, whether it is an article, poem, short story, or novel. Each year the guide includes updated market listings, new articles and lists of current conferences, contests and writing workshops. This first part of this year's edition includes interviews with Jonathan Franzen, John Irving, Sue Miller, Anita Shreve and other bestsellers. Valuable advice that both inspires and informs is contained in essays from Terry McMillan, Elmore Leonard, Ursula Le Guin, Vanessa Grant and others. The second part of the book contains the market listings, which also include listings for conferences, colonies, prizes and awards. In addition to a large number of fiction and nonfiction markets, the book also includes markets for other types of manuscripts, including greeting card publishers, play publishers, syndicates and television and film products. The markets listings themselves are brief, but contain all the necessary details such as contact information, needs of the publisher, payment information and tips for writers.

This year's edition of the Handbook contains over 3,300 potential markets for writers. It also contains some excellent advice from bestselling authors, covering subjects writers often have questions about: rights, queries, clips, point of view, writer's block, marketing and research. Writers looking for a large collection of both professional advice and good paying markets in one source can't go wrong with the always-reliable Writer's Handbook.

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This review was published in the September, 2002 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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