The World Tree (The Daughters of Bast)

by Sarah Isidore

Eos, November, 2001.
Paperback, 376 pages.
ISBN: 0380803208

The World Tree (The Daughters of Bast) by Sarah Isidore The Egyptian cat goddess Bast is known to only a few worshippers in the ancient British isles. But she and the other gods are fading away, as worshippers turn to a new religion. Charlemagne and his army are about to sweep across the land from their home in Gaul, determined to wipe out all traces of the ancient pagan religion. Now Bast's last, reluctant priestess Sirona, must take up arms with another priestess to stop the destruction of the old ways. She will be aided by Bast and her powerful sister goddesses, Freya and the evil Sekhmet. Once the terrible magic of the goddesses has been released, it will be very difficult to control what has been unleashed. But Sirona must try, in order to restore the old Celtic ways and to keep the Ancient Harmonies in balance.

The World Tree is the third book in Sarah Isadore's well-imagined Celtic fantasy series, which began with Shrine of Light and The Hidden Land. Isidore has a deft hand with both character and with fantasy, and her latest book is the best yet in this intriguing series. Set against a factual backdrop of the rise of Christianity over the pagan religion in the British Isles, the story focuses on the reluctant priestess, Sirona, as she struggles to do the right thing in changing times. Full of magic, adventure and strong multi-layered female characters, this series just keeps getting better and better.

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