The World of Shannara

by Terry Brooks and Teresa Patterson, Illustrations by David Cherry

Del Ray, October, 2001.
Hardcover, 206 pages.
ISBN: 0345439058

The World of Shannara by Terry Brooks and Teresa Patterson Legions of devoted fans have been following the Shannara fantasy series by Terry Brooks, which began in 1977 with the publication of The Sword of Shannara. The books cover the span of twenty-five years, and the world in which the series is based is comprised of a multitude of imaginative characters, places, mythology and history. The World of Shannara is an encyclopedia of this fantasy world. In the Foreword, Brooks explains that his readers have been asking him for years for such a companion book. He also mentions that he knew it would be a handy guide for looking up those minute details that an author must know when setting out to write another installment in a popular series. In any event, this is an absolute gift for Shannara fans. The book describes with great detail the regions and the types of people who come from there. It also describes the backstory of popular characters, such as Allanon the Druid, Shea Ohmsford and numerous others. This large, coffetable-style book is accompanied by with both black and white and color illustrations by talented artist David Cherry. Cherry does an excellent job of visualizing the world that Terry Brooks created. This is a must-have for Shannara fans.

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