The Triple Whammy Cure

by David Edelberg, MD

Free Press, December, 2005.
Hardcover, 322 pages.
ISBN: 0743269071

The Triple Whammy Cure by David Edelberg, MD Dr. David Edelberg, the chief medical adviser of saw many women in his practice that had the same symptoms: exhaustion, depression, brain fog stress, an inability to lose weight and a general sense of not feeling good. Edelberg says they are suffering from what he calls the "triple whammy": hormone imbalances, low serotonin levels and stress. Dr. Edelberg proposes a Triple Whammy Cure: a three week program that incorporates lifestyle changes with nutritional supplements to boost serotonin levels.

Edelberg takes a holistic approach in his practice; he advocates yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and other stress-relief methods. He also takes aim at the typical American diet and smoking, both of which have disastrous effects on women's' moods and health. He advocates a very healthy diet which includes brain-boosting blueberries, nuts, high-quality carbohydrates, soy and vegetables. He also tells readers where to go to get further help. The program he advocates is healthy and balanced. So even if women who don't choose to participate in biofeedback or meditation, should still see a substantial benefit from the diet changes and exercise suggestions.

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