The Story of The West

by Robert M. Utley

DK, September, 2003.
0789496607, 320 pages.
ISBN: 0789496607

The Story of The West by Robert M. Utley Award-winning author and historian Robert Utley has created a fantastic resource with his new book, The Story of the West. The West has been so romanticized in the media that Utley wanted to present a work that was comprehensive and would help set the record straight about many of the myths that surround the Old West. Written in association with the Smithsonian, the book lays out the history of the Western United States, from Pre-Columbian civilization to the present.

Prominent historians were assigned to write comprehensive summaries of each of six time periods. The essays are written in accessible and interesting styles, and are surrounded with photos of artifacts, sidebars with fascinating facts and beautiful paintings and drawings. The book itself is huge and is printed on heavy, demi-gloss stock which adds to the beauty of the presentation. This would make a fantastic gift for any history lover.

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