The Snarth Goes to School

by Tessa Hert and Frank Sergi, Illustrations by Pietri Freeman

Brookfield Reader, November, 2000.
Hardcover, 160 pages.
ISBN: 096601720X
Ages 4-8

The Snarth Goes to School by Tessa Hert and Frank Sergi Katrina Mann has the normal child's fears about starting third grade. But she also has an unusual one: her pet Snarth wants to go to school with her. The Snarth is pink with yellow hair and a tendency to speak out of turn. The Snarth is a big hit with the kids and the teachers (he knows lots of historical personages, having lived for several millennia). But the cranky principal, Mr. Flatt, is not amused and orders the despondent Snarth to leave the school grounds forever. Until one day, when the Snarth is able to find common ground with Mr. Flatt; they both admire Abraham Lincoln and the idea of tolerance of all kinds of people (and creatures).

Author Tessa Hart has actually known the Snarth since her childhood in Switzerland; he was her imaginary companion for many years. Now she and her husband Frank Sergi have brought the Snarth to life in this charming picture book, illustrated by Pietri Freeman. The illustrations are lively and spirited, and the story is full of fun, with a very important message about tolerance.

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