The Sell Your Novel Toolkit

by Elizabeth Lyon

Perigee, December, 2002.
Trade Paperback, 296 pages.
ISBN: 0399528288

The Sell Your Novel Toolkit by Elizabeth Lyon The Sell Your Novel Kit contains instruction and tips for developing the marketing skills and tools to get your novel sold. The book covers all the topics writers need to know from researching your target market to getting an agent. The book also covers topics like choosing a category for your novel, writing query letters and preparing sample chapters for submission. Especially useful are the examples, lists and outlines, such as a list of thirty questions a writer should ask a prospective agent, examples of effective queries and a sample author/agent contract. Once you have an offer for your novel, the book also provides information about negotiating book contracts and managing your career.

Author Elizabeth Lyon is a book-marketing consultant, writing mentor, teacher and a frequent speaker at writing conferences. Lyon is also the author of Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write, which is a great book for those looking to sell a nonfiction book manuscript. Lyon helps familiarize writers with strategies to interest editors and agents in your work. She also helps explain and point out the need for spending effort and time on marketing one's work -- an area in which most budding novelists lack skills. Lyon's guidance and inspiring and practical explanations of the concepts, goals and skills behind book marketing can help writers develop the marketing "tool kit" they need to get their book read and ultimately published. Anyone with a completed novel to sell will find plenty of value in this reference. Highly recommended.

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