The Q Continuum (Star Trek)

by Greg Cox

Pocket Books, October, 2003.
Hardcover, 362 pages.
ISBN: 0743485084

The Q Continuum (Star Trek) by Greg Cox The energy barrier around the galaxy has puzzled scientists ever since it was discovered -- there simply is no reason for such a thing to exist. Now one scientist thinks he has found a way to breach the barrier and Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew have been assigned the job of assisting the famous though emotionally unstable Betazed scientist with his test. Q arrives and demands that Picard stop the test, but refuses to give a reason for his demand. When Picard refuses to stop the test without some kind of good reason, Q promptly kidnaps Picard and takes him on a trip through history and a time when the Q Continuum faced its greatest threat. Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise, Q's wife and child have decided to stick around, much to the dismay of the crew who have to deal with them.

In this Signature Edition, Pocket Books presents another look at one of the most fascinating characters in the Star Trek universe: Q, who was so brilliantly portrayed by John de Lancie. Finally, we meet the young Q -- a Q who was actually na´ve and who made some really bad mistakes. Greg Cox knows his Trek and his work is both funny and moving. Star Trek: TNG fans won't want want to miss this marvelously funny and enlightening visit to the Star Trek universe.

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