The Pursuit

by Johanna Lindsey

William Morrow, March, 2002.
Hardcover, 320 pages.
ISBN: 0380978555
Subgenre: Historical

The Pursuit by Johanna Lindsey Sent away to London to live with relatives when he was very young, Lincoln Ross Burnett, 7th Viscount of Cambury, has now returned to his native Scotland. His bitterness towards his mother for sending him away after his father died has only grown over the years. When Lincoln meets Melissa MacGregor, the young couple knows that they are meant to be together forever. But Melissa has sixteen incredibly overprotective uncles who have so far managed to scare off every potential suitor. Remembering Lincoln from his fractious childhood, the uncles decide he is not worthy of their niece and packs him off (literally) on a slow boat to China. But Melissa is not one to be dictated to by mere uncles and determines to marry the man of her dreams, regardless of the obstacles.

The Pursuit is a romantic, exuberant and touchingly funny novel, which should especially delight longtime Lindsey fans. Melissa is the daughter of Kimberly Richards and Lachlan MacGregor from Love Me Forever; other familiar characters also make an appearance which adds to the fun of the story. Lincoln's difficult relationship with his mother adds a serious aspect to the story which, combined with the entertaining dialogue and true affection between the lead characters, makes for a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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