The Only One

by Christine Feehan, Susan Grant and Susan Squires

Leisure Books, May, 2003.
Paperback, 366 pages.
ISBN: 0843951702
Subgenre: Paranormal

The Only One by Christine Feehan, Susan Grant and Susan Squires This delightful anthology is just the ticket for a summer beach read. In Dark Descent, Christine Feehan gives us a novella set in her Carpathian world. Carpathian vampire hunter Traian Trigovise is wounded and healing from his battle with several vampires, when he senses the presence of the woman who is his lifemate. Bodyguard Joie Sanders is out hiking with her siblings in Austria, after an especially grueling case. Something is drawing her to the mountains, and to Traian. When they meet, there is danger and fireworks -- and a shocking finding in the caves hidden below. Dark Descent is an intriguing story that sets up some interesting plotlines for future books. In "Star Queen" Susan Grant gives us a futuristic romantic short story that is enjoyable. And in "Sacrilege", Susan Grant finally gives us the story of Magda, who featured prominently as a villain in another of Grant's unique vampire tales. Magda has secluded herself in a monastery to try to control her longing for human blood (caused by a virus, called the Companion, which bestows immortality and great strength). But abstinence may not be the way to redemption. Magda is a a marvelous character, and her return to life in modern day San Francisco is absolutely enjoyable. Altogether, this is an excellent anthology for someone who wants to sample the writing of three of the many talented writers writing in the paranormal romance subgenre.

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