The Occidental Tourist

by Stan Frankenthaler and Sally Sampson

Simon and Schuster, 2001.
Hardcover, 315 pages.
ISBN: 0684873079

The Occidental Tourist by Stan Frankenthaler and Sally Sampson Stan Frankenthaler, chef of the award-winning Salamander restaurant in Boston, has been nominated three times for the James Beard Award as Best Chef in the Northeast. In The Occidental Tourist he shares his food philosophy, and makes his famous recipes accessible to the home cook. The book begins with a chapter on essentials. Frankenthaler lays out the equipment and ingredients that you need to have on hand to create his Asian-inspired dishes. He then goes on to describe the recipes for some fabulous dishes, from starters to desserts, and everything in between. He also includes some of his secret weapons, which will spice up any dish: flavored oils, dipping sauces, relishes and chutneys.

Frankenthaler is a genius with fusion dishes, and cooks will thrilled to be able to create such dishes as Curry-basted Grilled Jumbo Scallops with Cashew Sauce, Teriyaki Glazed Halibut With Sake Pine-nut Sauce, Beef Short Ribs Braised With Sweet and Sour Onions, Chocolate Lemon Ginger Madeleines, and Simple and Rich Rice Pudding. Salamander regulars will be especially pleased with the inclusion of the popular dish of Black Tea-Brined Chicken. The recipes provide plenty of explanation for those that are unfamiliar with some of the techniques of Asian cooking. As Frankenthaler urges readers, "Don't be put off by unfamiliar ingredients or cooking methods. I describe these techniques and identify like ingredients -- soon lemongrass and lime leaves will be as familiar to you as nutmeg and parsley!" And he's right. They will, to the delight of those you invite over to dinner.

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