The Interviewer's Handbook

by John Brady

The Writer Books, April, 2004.
Trade Paperback, 224 pages.
ISBN: 0871162059

The Interviewer's Handbook by John Brady If there is one quintessential skill for a journalist, it is the ability to conduct good interviews. John Brady, the former Editor-in-chief of Writer's Digest and Boston Magazine, shares the inside secrets of this crucial skill in his latest book, The Interviewer's Handbook. He covers all the basics, from landing the interview, doing one's research, what kind of questions to ask, to pitfalls and how to overcome them. With a mix of practical advice and interesting anecdotes, Brady lays out a game plan that's easy to follow. He even includes scores of sample questions, as well as the best interviewing tricks from pros such as Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey. This is a must-have for the budding journalist or freelance writer.

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This review was published in the May-June, 2004 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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