The Indiscretion

by Judith Ivory

Avon, April 2001.
Paperback, 369 pages.
ISBN: 0380812967
Subgenre: Historical

The Indiscretion by Judith Ivory In 1899 England, Lady Lydia Bedford-Browne is tired of people treating her like she is an invalid, just because she is the daughter of a Viscount. So Lydia decides to slip out to attend the wedding of her faithful lady's servant, which will involve a coach trip alone across the moors of Dartmoor. Lydia's only other companion in the coach is a handsome, wealthy Texan named Sam Cody who has come to England to wed an English aristocrat. Unfortunately, he missed his wedding and the lady in question will not listen to his excuses. The unlikely pair soon find some common interests and begin an affair when their carriage gets stuck in a bog. But when they return to civilization, things get sticky. Proper English society frowns on a liaison between Lydia and a cowboy -- although his wealth and position in the State Department go a long way towards convincing Lydia's parents that the match is a good one. But can Lydia and Sam rekindle the sparks that flew on the English moors?

The Indiscretion is a sensuous, passionate and entertaining historical romance. Lydia and Sam are an engaging, if odd, couple and their time together on the moors makes for some very funny -- and sexy -- reading. Linda Ivory excels at snappy dialogue and at creating chemistry between her lead characters. Fans of the talented Judith Ivory will be wearing a smile on their faces long after putting the book down.

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