The Hunted

by Alan Jacobson

Pocket Books, February, 2001.
Hardcover, 404 pages.
ISBN: 0671026801

The Hunted by Alan Jacobson Psychologist Lauren Chambers has worked hard to overcome her debilitating agoraphobia and panic attacks, and has built up a practice in quiet Placerville, California. But her carefully constructed life shatters apart when her beloved husband, Michael, disappears on a skiing trip with friends. Lauren meets private investigator Nick Bradley, and the two set off on a cross-country quest to find Michael. But the more they dig into Michael's past, the stranger things get. What's worse, a professional assassin is stalking Lauren in order to get to Michael, who he believes is the ex-FBI agent who sent him to prison years ago.

Alan Jacobson, author of the bestselling False Accusations, spins a complex tale full of heart-pounding action sequences, plot twists and fascinating characters. Lauren Chambers, the psychologist who herself suffers from terrible panic attacks due to a childhood trauma, is a unique heroine for a thriller. She's smart and courageous, but she has these debilitating attacks which she must overcome. It's an interesting choice of characteristics for a heroine in a thriller, and Jacobson uses it to full effect. Is Lauren really being followed, or is she just being paranoid? And how well do you really know the people in your life? The tension builds until an exciting (and surprising) denouement. If you like thrills, psychological suspense and complex characters, this should definitely make your summer reading list.

--Claire E. White

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