The Highwayman: A Novel of Corona

by R. A. Salvatore

CDS Books, March, 2004.
Hardcover, 372 pages.
ISBN: 1593150164

The Highwayman: A Novel of Corona by R. A. Salvatore Fans of the Dark Elf or the Demon Wars series are in for a treat with Bob Salvatore's stand-alone fantasy prequel set in the world of Corona. In God's Year 54, Bransen Garibond is a young orphaned cripple who lives with the monks who are the only people who will tolerate his slobbering and ungainly walk. Although he is deformed on the outside, Bransen's mind is sharp and nimble. His curiosity helps him discover his past: he is the son of Bran Dynard, a monk of the religion of Abelle and his wife, the beautiful and mysterious Sen Wi, who were both killed by the corrupt denizens of Corona for showing pity to a criminal. Drawing on the magic and mind power of his parents' religion, Bransen learns to make his body whole and to fight with his mother's sword. He takes on a Robin Hood like role, helping the downtrodden populace against the cruel and arbitrary rule of the corrupt upper classes.

The Highwayman is great, swashbuckling fun, filled with adventure, swordfights and romance. This is an excellent introduction to the world of Corona for those who haven't discovered Salvatore's brand of excitement and adventure. A new Drizzt Do'Urden story, "The Dowry," is an added bonus for fans of the Dark Elf.

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