The Freelance Success Book

by David Taylor

Peak Writing Press, February, 2003.
Paperback, 336 pages.
ISBN: 097173304X

The Freelance Success Book by David Taylor The Freelance Success Book offers novice writers a unique and valuable perspective, because it is a written by publishing insider David Taylor, a former executive editor at Rodale Press (now Rodale, Inc.), a leading publisher of such magazines as Prevention, Outside and Men's Health. Taylor looks at every aspect of the freelance writing business -- from query letters to the headlines of magazine articles -- and gives his opinion from an editor's viewpoint. He helps writers learn what editors want to see and how writers can have their work taken seriously, even at the big magazines. Examples of Taylor's unique advice include how to use magazine ads to target the publication for articles, advice for what to do when you don't get paid and a handy chart showing what editor job titles mean and how to know who is the best person to submit your work to. The book also includes samples for freelancer invoices, copyright permission requests and freelance contracts. This is a very helpful tool for novice freelancers that can help them target their work for the top markets. In addition to practical guidance and facts about the freelance business, this book will also give freelancers confidence in approaching editors and submitting manuscripts and queries.

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This review was published in the November-December, 2003 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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