The Forest for the Trees

by Betsy Lerner

Riverhead Books, November, 2000.
Paperback, 284 pages.
ISBN: 1573228575

The Forest for the Trees by Betsy Lerner Writers should always listen to advice from experienced editors, whenever and however they can get it. The Forest for the Trees is a reference for writers, by an editor. Author Betsy Lerner begins the book by profiling what she believes are the different types of writers, including the ambivalent writer, the natural, the wicked-child, the self-promoter and the neurotic. (As a writer, you might find characteristics of yourself described in one or more of these chapters that could provide some valuable insight as to your writing style and behavior.) The next sections in the book cover the publishing world, including agents, publication, rejection and interesting chapters about what both editors and writers are looking to get out of the process.

Author, editor and literary agent Besty Lerner provides solid advice and inspiration for writers in this reference that lets writers in on how editors think. Lerner excels at describing the various character types of writers and in explaining the interactions between editors and writers. At the same time, she is equipping writers with knowledge of the inner-workings of the business; she is also encouraging and inspiring writers to succeed. Lerner's book is a must-read for writers who are serious about getting published in today's tough market.

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