The Faeries' Oracle

by Brian Froud, Text by Jessica MacBeth

Fireside Books, November, 2000.
Hardcover, 242 pages.
ISBN: 0743201116

The Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud, Text by Jessica MacBeth The immensely talented Brian Froud (Good Faeries, Bad Faeries) has teamed with Jessica MacBeth to create a set of 66 oracle cards, which can be used the same way you would use a Tarot deck for readings. The Faeries' Oracle also includes a delightful hardcover book with full descriptions of each of the oracle cards, directions for doing readings and getting in touch with the faeries. The paintings on the cards are exquisite. The beautiful Spirit Dancer, the majestic Solus, the intriguing Piper, the joyous Maiden and the frightening and ugly G. Hobyah are all here, and bring different meanings when they show up in a reading. And it doesn't take an oracle to predict continued success for the gifted Mr. Froud and Ms. MacBeth. Tarot card users, fantasy lovers and lovers of the wee folk should snap this set up immediately -- it's just too good to let get away.

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