The Dimwit's Dictionary

by Robert Hartwell Fiske

Marion Street Press, August, 2002.
Paperback, 400 pages.
ISBN: 0966517679

The Dimwit's Dictionary by Robert Hartwell Fiske The Dimwit's Dictionary provides alternatives to thousands of overused words and phrases. Writers can use the book to help them clean up their prose by using the reference to quickly find replacements for a word or phrase they have been using too often. 5,000 words and phrases like "shot to hell", "down to earth", "working stiff" and "piece of cake" can be looked up in the dictionary to find shorter alternative words.

This dictionary's author, Robert Hartwell Fiske, is also the editor of The Dictionary of Concise Writing: 10,000 Alternative to Wordy Phrases, another great reference for writers. Fiske is also the publisher of The Vocabula Review, an online journal about the English language. Writers will find the Dimwit's Dictionary handy for breaking writer's block and helping them find and replace overused phrases and words.

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