The Daily Drucker

by Peter F. Drucker

HarperBusiness, October, 2004.
Hardcover, 448 pages.
ISBN: 0060742445

The Daily Drucker by Peter F. Drucker Peter F. Drucker, a highly respected business strategist and thinker, offers a collection of his ideas in The Daily Drucker for readers to use for inspiration and motivation. Drucker has written dozens of books which have been required reading for world leaders like Winston Churchill to executives running successful business like Hewlett Packard, Merck, Ford, Proctor & Gamble, General Electric and Motorola. Drucker says this book is an answer to the question he is often asked, "Which book of yours should I read first?" Drucker writes that The Daily Drucker "presents in organized form--and directly from my own writings--a key statement of mine, followed by a few lines, also from my own works, of comment and explanation, on topics ranging across a great many fields of my work: management, entrepreneurship; decision making; the changing workforce; the nonprofits and their management; and so on." At the bottom of each of Drucker's 366 entries readers will find an action point that tells them exactly how to put Drucker's ideas into use. This is a great book for the busy executive that needs to focus and for the nonprofit manager who has so much to do he can't even figure out where to start. For those new to Peter Drucker's crisp and practical advice, the Daily Drucker will make a great beginning.

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